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The restoration process

How we build your car from gound up!

Complete Inspections

Check before you buy

As the experts in the restoration business, we have been through a lot! Don't go out and spend thousands of dollars before taking a closer look at what your buying. You may be in for a bad journey ahead of you. We've seen frame rails not connected, paint jobs peeling, rust spots occurring and FAKE motors installed. Let us take a look at that dream ride of yours and make sure you're on the happy journey of Hot Rodding!


Media Blasting

Find all the issues

If you want to find all the issues and make your car last another 50-70 years, GET IT MEDIA BLASTED! But get it done by the correct blaster that wont warp the panels, aims at multiple directions of rust pits to get all the black out, and does it with a product that leaves your metal ready to paint. Here at Clerisy we use Garnet. A red rock mineral from Australia that is abrasive enough to leave a perfect even etch across the outer sheet metal, frames and structural areas to paint. Many people use sand (which is not as abrasive and also dirty), walnut shell (leaves too smooth of a surface along with plastic and glass bead. Crush glass cuts the paint but does not get rid of rust.
Last is the famous DUSTLESS BLASTING using baking soda and high pressure water. First it does not leave an etch for paint, second it leaves a "brown coating" which is rust from the water, and last you'll have water in every crevice... MEANING MORE RUST! So please take into consideration that we have figured out the proper way of doing things before DESTROYING you ride.



Metal work

We can customize anything.

-Frame and suspension upgrades



-Door gaps 

-Shave drip rails

-Chop tops

-Custom center consoles and dashes

-Upgraded headlights and tailights

-Fiberglass and body kits

-Tub tires and rear ends

-Tucked exhaust

-Hidden wiring


Sealings and Coatings

Prevent rust and corrosion

Who wants a car to come back rusting or bubbling through that expensive paint job? I'll tell you a secret, NO ONE! After the Media blasting process, get that Hotrod sealed up where it will last. Prime it (use an epoxy or good sealer) don't cheap out, make it impervious to water. After the fact decide what you want your car to be in my main categories. Do you want a nice reliable driver, put a good two part seam sealer and catalyzed bed-liner to seal up the bottom of your car. On the interior we spray a ceramic coating for heat and sound deadening along with seam sealer over the whole floor board giving it one continuous membrane that is water proof. We like to match the factory muscle car look with a nice speckle paint in the trunk (Zolatone). Unless you're building a "show car", this is the best way to preserve your ride.


Frame work and upgrades


Anything from stock MOOG rubber bushing rebuilds to Ride Tech air bag systems, we can get your car rolling smooth and safe. From matching number cars with drum brake rebuilds to raced out Wilwood disc brakes, hydraulic clutches, custom brake and fuel lines, Motor swaps to LS or Coyote. Do you want an original DZ302 69 camaro, flat head ford 8BA? Any and everything is possible, just let us know what you want.


Engine detail

Motor work

Youre walking around a carshow and see hoods popped open, what catches your eye? Probably the very clean, tight wired and hidden A/C hoses. Well we can do that. Custom hand made wiring harnesses. Vintage air a/c kits hidden under fenders. Painted engines, custom dress up kits, serpentine belt systems, aluminum cooling systems. High or stock horse power it can look good.



Straightening out the metal

The tedious and long process of bodywork. Many many hours go into this process. Skim coat bondo at a max of 1/8 inch thick. Prime and blocking multiple times to make sure its straight. Nothing is more embarrassing than a car that waves back at its fans. Bondo must be mixed right, surface must be prepped properly, wiped clean, etched at a max of 80 grit. Masked off cars so products don't get on the rest of the parts. Alignment of panels are a huge deal so the body work lines up through each panel. Gaps are taken care of during this process. Fitment of upgraded parts is a huge deal, you don't want to have an OOPS when it comes to assembly.

andrewbday2010 040.JPG

Paint and Polish

Smooth like glass

What color do you choose? There are thousands of colors and we paint them all. Solid colors, metallic's, pearls, Candies, tri-stage paints, solvent, water base, flat, satin and high gloss. Yes its over whelming, and i'm guessing we've all done it with the kitchen walls and cabinets. Choose wisely because paints have become very very expensive. You want a simple daily driver look into dealership colors, something that can be fixed. I hate to say it but yes cars get scratched, dented, and wrecked. If we have an OEM code to go off of its easier to match. If you want a one off color, that's fine, get good insurance. Along with paint is the color sand and rub process. We sand the clear coat with 800 grit, then 1500 grit, then 2000 grit, after that proceeds a three stage polish using super duty compound, machine polish, and swirl remover. Wait 30 days and wax away. In order to do this we spray a minimum of 4 coats of long lasting clear.



Original or custom

Upholstery is another tough decision. But yet again it comes down to you. Stock leather, vinyl, or cloth its up to you. Hand made interior design or stock replacement kits. We can guide you in the right direction.

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